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 From the first time I came in and got Dr. Buttler's smile and hello - I knew this was the great place for my health and attitude. It's been one of the toughest years of my life. Normally I do pretty well dealing with stress and being positive, but this winter I was in a funk and in pain! My back and hips just would not behave. I'd just moved and tried three chiropractors before I found Dr. Buttler. I was tired of so many doctors, so I researched all of Dr. Buttler's degrees and credentials- boy he's got a ton. Most impressive, they were from some of the best schools in the nation. However, degrees don't mean anything if a doctor is not a nice person to work with. Luckily for me, Dr. Buttler backed up his education with caring, thoughtful treatment. Needless to say, summer's looking much less stressful thanks to the treatment and caring of Dr. Buttler, Jonah and Elena. They all make Molalla Chiropractic and Naturopathic Clinic a place to look forward to visiting.


Promptly see you! Warm and caring feeling from everyone. I have never seen so much time spent on me. It's usually in and out. They care about the whole you. This is very much alternative treatment. They don't just treat the symptom. They dig deep to find causes, treat causes and, voila!, the symptoms are gone and a healthy you emerges. Optimism is contagious.


from the body I rejoice,
from the mind I am at peace,
from the heart I am grateful.
You have made a difference and influenced a perception resulting in quality (something almost intangible in today’s healthcare system.)
You have restored harmony.
I can now function as a normally functioning human being.
Thank you,

Due to various injuries, I have suffered pain since 1963 (44 years). In my efforts to get relief, I have seen many physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, osteopaths, neurological physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists and others. At best the pain was reduced to a level that was tolerable for a short time.

I have been under the Veterans Administration’s care for the last six years, since I was finally determined to be 100% permanently disabled by this organization and by the Social Security Administration. During this period of time I have been tested and retested, put through physical therapy, x-rayed, put through Magnetic imaging and various other exams.

My primary care provider came into the exam room after all this testing and was amazed that I wasn’t in a wheel chair. She said she had seen my MRI and mine was the worst case she had ever seen where the patient was not in a wheel chair and that I need surgery ... but a neurology surgeon needed to examine me first. However, the surgeon decided I needed to go through another period of “pain management” first.

In October of 2006 after being (basically) house bound since May 2005 due to the pain I was in, my wife called Dr. Brian Buttler to make an appointment for me to see him with the hope that he could help me in some way. Some of my well-meaning friends cautioned us against such an approach, feeling we should go to a “real” doctor and pursue the option of surgery. I am so happy we did not follow their advice. After several months of intensive chiropractic treatment and naturopathic supplements (which also help my diabetes) I am now, for the first time, free of the extreme pain I have been enduring since 1963!!
Thank you Dr. Buttler and staff!!
--J. H.

Through nutritional counseling, naturopathic medicine and chiropractic manipulation, Dr. Buttler has restored my health to the level of an active, functioning person. Before becoming a patient, I suffered years of depression, overall body pain and debilitating abdominal distress. The healing process has taken several months and is still improving. Basically, I now have my life back! Many thanks to Dr. Buttler and his exceptional staff.
--P. J. H.

When I came to see Dr. Buttler I was in a lot of discomfort. He has taken the time to find out exactly what is going on instead of just prescribing something and letting it go. He listens to his patients and provides excellent care. I would recommend him anytime.

My niece suggested my husband and I go visit Dr. Buttler for some help with diet and health care. We have been seeing Dr. Buttler and his staff for over 4 months and feel so much better about ourselves and our children. Dr. Buttler has educated us about a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, natural vitamins versus the pharmaceuticals. I can happily say that my husband and I are not on any medications right now and look forward to a lifestyle change based on Dr. Buttler’s suggestions and direction. Thank you, Molalla Chiropractic and Naturopathic Clinic.
--K. A. A. 

Dr. Buttler and staff are exceptional in every way.
--C. T.

When I first came to see Dr. Buttler, I was in a desperate state. I had already been to several M.D.'s who had inaccurately diagnosed a condition that was getting worse daily. By the time I visited Dr. Buttler, I was afraid I would have to quit working. The condition was so debilitating. I had a hunch the doctors had been looking in the wrong direction, but when I tried to tell them so, they ignored my concerns. My first visit with Dr. Buttler was such a relief because I felt like someone was finally listening to me. He was very thorough in looking at me as a whole person to understand where my ailment was coming from instead of trying to treat my symptoms. Dr. Buttler truly cares about the individuals he treats. He not only treats your immediate ailments, but works with you to develop a healthier lifestyle so that you won't need as much treatment further on. I started feeling better after starting my visits with Dr. Buttler and to this day am a much healthier person.
-- T.M.E.

After major surgery a couple of years ago, I began a search for alternative ways to deal with my health issues. This led me to Dr. Brian Buttler. Since then, I have experienced a marked increase in general health and energy, a decrease in back pain and lower blood pressure readings. I've been impressed with the focus and attention Dr. Buttler gives his patients, and I continue to recommend him to family and friends.

Before I came to see Dr. Buttler I went to two podiatrists because my feet hurt so bad. They both wanted to do surgery and remove bone and replace with pins and screws. I did not have the surgery. Dr. Buttler fitted me with orthotics and now I have no more foot pain.  My arms hurt so bad I had to lift one arm with the other to comb my hair. I could hardly get out of the bath tub. I couldn't walk if we rode over a half hour in the car. I couldn't sleep because my shoulders hurt so bad. I couldn't hook my own bra. I was overweight. Dr. Buttler put me on Ultra Meal, vitamins, MobiJoin, MSM, etc. He does adjustments regularly. He changed my diet. I have no pain. I lost and kept off 45 pounds. I tap dance twice a week with no pain. He really knew what I needed to make me feel and look a lot better.

The pain in my shoulder kept me awake at night. My M.D. just gave me pain pills and said, if that didn't work, he would recommend surgery. I didn't like those prospects so I thought I'd give Naturopathy a try. I contacted Dr. Buttler who put me on a therapy of deep heat, muscle stimulation, massage, joint manipulation, exercise and dietary supplements. In a few days the pain was gone. In a few months I had the full use of my shoulder. Now we are working on my other aches and pains.

Everyone is very friendly and I don't feel like just another patient that's rushed in and out. They are professional and Dr. Buttler is very informative.

Tammy is 31 years old and has several birth defects of the brain, the heart and the back. She weighed 196 lbs and was in sever pain. She would lay in bed and cry in pain. She started going to Dr. Buttler. While he was giving her treatments for her back, allergies and other problems, he also put her on Ultra Meal. At present, she weighs 150 lbs and is 5'6". She is working towards 130 lbs. She feels great, is out of pain she looks beautiful and is happy about her appearance. She has so much energy I can't keep up with her. We are grateful to Dr. Buttler, his staff and Ultra Meal.
--Tammy's mother, B.Y.

I have been under Dr. Buttler's care for over 10 years. When I visit his office I am greeted with a smile and interest in my well-being by his very competent staff and assistants. I injured my back years ago and have been under Dr. Buttler's care to keep my back from stiffening up. His concern for the "whole" person is comforting and he listens to you rather than checking his watch for the next appointment.

Dr. Buttler, in my honest sincerity has kept me going for 30 years! Thanks, Dr. Buttler.

I travel 4 hours to see Dr. Buttler. I believe he is worth every minute of that time. Thank you, Dr. Buttler

I saw Dr. Buttler after my regular physician told me "you might have to take Xanex the rest of your life" for anxiety and claustrophobia. On New Year’s Eve day I called Dr. Buttler after viewing his website. He was able to see me on the same day. In three weeks of visits, I no longer needed Xanex! With Dr. Buttler’s advice, vitamins and adjustments, I now feel like I did back in my ball playing college days. Not only am I stronger now and losing weight, my muscles are getting even bigger. And guys... I mean all my muscles. If you listen and follow Dr. Buttler’s directions, he will make a world of difference in your life.

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